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Around the Globe Music and Arts

Around the Globe Music & Arts is a non-profit company registered in England and Wales whose aim is to advance the development and appreciation of different styles of contemporary music, especially for piano and other keyboard instruments.


Since its formation, AGMA has actively supported many diverse music/art projects within the UK. 

We pursue our goals by organising music festivals, concerts, competitions, master classes, workshops, seminars, exhibitions and lectures open to amateur and professional musicians of all ages and levels. Utilising online and social media and producing printed music magazines and brochures enables us to reach a broad, even global, audience of supporters and participants.

About Us

Music non profit

Our Objectives

An important aspect of the enterprise is to assist emerging musicians in broadening their musical education by introducing and promoting contemporary composers and performers who might come from different cultural backgrounds and musical traditions – an important addition to the late 20th/21st century worldwide contemporary music genre.


In that spirit, we are actively focusing on organising a range of exciting cultural events, including public and online performances for our competition prize winners and a series of concerts from other exceptionally talented musicians.

History of AGMA

Before the launch of the current non-profit organisation in 2018, award-winning pianists and renowned pedagogues Marina Petrov and Maya Jordan originally founded the Around the Globe Piano Music Festival in London, in 2014. For many years they have co-operated on various projects, including concerts for both students and professional musicians, as well as organising a variety of charitable music and arts events.


In addition, in the last few decades, Marina and Maya have frequently performed publicly at eminent musical venues as piano soloists, accompanists and chamber music players in London, around the UK and in Europe.

History of around the globe music
Promoting high standard contemporary music


Maya and Marina were both interested in exploring and promoting the unique contribution of modern composers from other cultures and musical traditions who were incorporating contemporary music styles into their work. The idea was born to create a piano festival with a unique syllabus emphasising the presentation of modern piano music with a global emphasis. This was an immediate success, and the festival became part of the non-profit company Around the Globe Music & Arts.

Our Blog

In addition to the festival, promoting contemporary global composers has been an essential component of the professionally produced Around the Globe Music Magazines, with articles on new piano works, reviews, health advice for musicians and other educational topics.

Promoting contemporary global composers
Around the Globe music competitions

Annual Competitions

AGPMF then instigated an annual piano competition that included, as well as traditional and classical music, an exclusive syllabus of piano styles such as contemporary classical music and jazz piano, all within global/regional categories and promoting artists who might be less well known in the UK.

About the Competitions

About our Competitions

The first AGPMF competition was held in London in November 2014 and became a positive annual fixture. In 2020, due to the pandemic, it was necessary to transform the festival into the Around the Globe Online Piano Competition, a format that has been maintained to this day.


The change was welcomed by many new participants from various countries worldwide, leading to its current identity (2023), The Around the Globe International Music Competition.

Our idea is to encourage pianists of all ages and levels to actively search for new repertoire, as the festival and competition are an excellent platform for emerging artists to share their musical achievements and, most importantly, acquire experience of public performance in various music styles.     

Introduction to new festivals

To maintain the momentum of innovation, from 2023 the festival programme will include the first Accordion Competition and an exciting Piano Composition Competition, open to all amateur composers. We extend a warm welcome to all participants and their supporters.

We want to express our gratitude to all our donors, including Mr & Mrs Balabanovic, Ms Petra Chong, the Power Media International Group Ltd and other communities for their support. Also, we would like to send a special thanks for the support and collaboration to the Composers' Association of Serbia, Branco Stoysin, Markson Pianos, Schott Music Publisher (UK), Brittens music shop and ProArt & Co, and our many contemporary composers from different parts of the world.   

Music festivals
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