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Newsletter June 2020

We have been informed by many subscribers that our Newsletter has been delivered to theirs Spam folder. To avoid this happening we will suggest to check your Spam folder and remove our email to Inbox to insure that following emails are not missed. Also you should add our email address to your Contacts.

C-19 PIANO STUDENTS RECITALS on the popular social media platform ZOOM for both, Junior and Adult amateur pianists of any level.

We hope that the new experience of performing piano live online will inspire and motivate piano students to bringing a sense of achievement and overall enjoyment. Joining this performance platform will keep you engaged with our music community, which may bring you feeling stimulated to be more creative and musically proactive at these challenging times.

So, let’s get together to enjoy performing and listening and have fun!

Proposed dates and times for performances for C-19 Piano Students Recitals are as follows:

Junior Pianists (16 years and under) Thursday 2nd July 2020 at 7 PM (beginners up to Grade 3 level) Tuesday 7th July 2020 at 7 PM (intermediate up to Grade 5 level) Tuesday 14th July 2020 at 7 PM (early advanced up to grade 8 level and above)

Adult Pianists (17 years and above) Tuesday 21st July 2020 at 7 PM (any level)

Applications need to be made by an adult, teacher, parent or guardian by Monday 15th June 2020. You should state: – The name and age of the applicant – The title of the piece(s) and name of the composer(s) – Length of performance in minutes – Name of applicant’s piano teacher – Preferred date for performance * Please note that advanced level pianists cannot perform longer than 15 minutes.


MARKSON PIANOS is reopening its showroom and workshop on Monday 15th June and operating an appointment system.

Shop has a fabulous range of new and secondhand pianos for sale and hire all carefully prepared and tuned and ready for delivery. Shop has everything in place in the showroom set up for safe distancing and covid19 protection and the same applies for their delivery teams. An appointment can be made from the 15th June onwards on 0207 935 8682.


Today we would like you to get acquainted with piano books of Rosamund Conrad and Lindsey Berwin. All books are aimed at piano beginners to intermediate levels and sight-reading books FunKey! till level 5. Often new methods and a different approach may help raise more interest in a daily piano practice, especially in young pianist and beginners. We hope you will enjoy exploring these new piano books!

Rosamund Conrad   Fun, Games and Party Pieces for Beginner Piano

“A book with the creative exploration of musical concepts at its heart, packed full of ensemble possibilities and inspiring things to do. Fifteen solo pieces for the beginner which can be turned into duets, trios and beyond…

Elements such as major and minor, modes, the pentatonic scale, improvisation and the Twelve Bar Blues structure are all featured in the pieces in this book, in a way which is easy to grasp and make sense of. Tap a rhythm on the piano. Play chords. Try tunes in a different octave, key or dynamic. Make your own variations on a tune. Play with friends and swap over. Play things in different ways and have fun!” “I love this book because it makes lessons fun.” Piano Teacher Magazine

Rosamund Conrad’s Delightfully Easy Piano Duets “Playing duets allows the learner to feel they are making a big sound and creating real music.

In her lessons, Rosa and her students devoured what truly easy material there was available and needed more. The result is her Delightfully Easy Piano Duets: Books 1 & 2… Playing duets allows the learner to feel they are making a big sound and creating real music… Even though they are in a range of keys, in each duet the beginner never needs to move their hands. They use very simple rhythmic patterns, as rhythm can often be the most difficult part of note reading… The duets are not specifically geared to any age group, and they have been enjoyed by students aged five up to ninety-five.”

“These bright, tuneful works will no doubt capture the beginner’s imagination whilst supporting constant progress.” Melanie Spanswick “My Pupils have all sat down, played them and smiled. There are not enough duets like this”. Music Teacher Magazine Books can be purchased and each piece has been recorded in the ‘Videos’ section:

Listen on YouTube channel:

About the composer 

Rosa Rosamund Conrad

Encouraged by her musical granddad to play by ear from an early age, Rosa Conrad grew up playing and writing music. She studied composition at Middlesex University and postgraduate piano performance at Trinity College of Music. In 2013 her first book of Delightfully Easy Piano Duets: Book One was published. Book two followed in 2014, alongside the first book in the Fun, Games and Party Pieces series, a collection of piano pieces which encourages students to understand and be creative with the music they play. Also, in 2014 Rosa began writing for the Accessible Choral Library. Rosa loves bringing people together through music. As well as the more traditional aspects of music teaching, Rosa enjoys teaching harmony and improvisation, and encouraging collaborations between her students.

Lindsey Berwin   FunKey! (Level 1-5)

FunKey! is a unique series of five books, each containing a variety of short pieces designed to develop students’ sight-reading skills and awareness of key. As its title suggests, all the material used is of a fun nature, but at the same time it supports the sight-reading requirements of the ABRSM board. The 20 pieces first appear in C major/A minor, then in a series of other keys according to the needs of the comparable examination grade. They are in a range of styles, notably rock, swing and Latin, increasing in difficulty from Level 1 up to Level 5. Each book comes with an accompanying CD, which contains a backing track for every piece and a track with melody incorporated for the first key. Listen to selection of FunKey! pieces: You can buy on Amazon: Or

FunKey! uses the ingenious notion of making its material available in a variety of exam-friendly keys. The composer’s thesis is that what works for scales is likely to work even better for short patterned pieces (especially in the lower levels), developing the young pianist’s ‘piano geography’ in much the same way that a jazz pianist would learn their craft.

The pieces mix together beautifully crafted original material with jazzy reworkings of familiar folk songs and nursey rhymes. The pieces cover a wide range of styles, but the vernacular language combined with familiar grooves and bass riffs will immediately appeal to and engage youngsters who are setting out to master this challenging instrument.” Nick Meredith Head of Music Wakefield Girl’s Grammar School

About the composer  

Lindsey Berwinis a pianist, teacher and composer, and over the last 25 years she and her pupils have won many prizes in the EPTA annual Composers’ Competition. She has recently been given the job of updating the EPTA Composers Competition, together with fellow British composer Alison Mathews. Lindsey has music published by Kevin Mayhew Ltd, EVC Music and Spartan Press, and pieces from her suite All the Fun of The Fair were featured on the 2018 Around the Globe Piano Music Festival’s repertoire lists. More info about the composer:


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