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Around the globe music prizes

Special Prizes

Winners of specific music competitions and categories will have the opportunity to receive special prizes as recognition for their exceptional talent and skills. Participants must mark their calendars and prepare to showcase their best abilities, as the competition will be fierce.


The winners will be chosen based on their outstanding performance in their respective categories. Therefore, the participants need to increase their chances of winning the special prizes.

Our Awards

All contestants who make it to the Final Second Round will be awarded a Digital E-certificate in recognition of their achievements, sent by email. In addition, they will also receive a detailed written feedback report from our esteemed Jury Panel Adjudicator, providing valuable insights on their entry and highlighting areas of strength and areas for improvement.

The 1st Prize Winners will receive digital diplomas and posters with their photo. They will also have an exciting opportunity to be showcased on the Around the Globe International Music Festival website's Hall of fame.

The teachers of the star-winning students will be awarded the Exceptional Music Teacher e-certificate for their achievement as music educators.

Our music awards
Award Categories

Award Categories

There will be four award categories based on the marking points achieved by the candidates. The categories are:

  • Performance Achievement (50-74 marking points)

  • Performance Achievement withMerit(75-84)

  • Performance Achievement with Distinction (85-94)

  • Outstanding Performance (95-100)


The top awards include the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes, which will be given to candidates who only achieve marking points of 85 and above in each category. There can be multiple winners in each tier.

Marking Criteria

As an instrumentalist, your assessment will encompass your technical proficiency, musical expression, performance artistry, and ability to execute the class program conception with finesse.

To meet the standards for piano composition, you must carefully select and apply the elements, demonstrate technical and expressive mastery, and stay true to the composer's intention.

Crafting a top-notch music article requires several steps, including becoming well-acquainted with the piece, providing comprehensive technical details, conducting thorough research, creating a clear outline, ensuring precision, revising your work, and concluding with your unique perspective.

Special Prizes

  • The Around the Globe International Music Festival will bestow the Grand Prize Special Trophy upon the highest-scoring candidate in the instrumental Recital classes of the present season's competitions. This peerless accolade distinguishes the candidate whose performance is exceptionally superb from all other competitors.

  • In the AGMF music competitions, a special cash prize of £500 will be awarded to Adult category candidates who score 100 points. It is imperative that the aforementioned criteria are met to be eligible for the prize.

  • The talented individuals who emerge as champions in the Junior and Adult categories of the 2023 Piano and Accordion competitions will be afforded a rare and exciting opportunity. They will be invited to perform live at the highly anticipated Top Winners Concert, which will be held in London, UK, in 2024.

  • The Piano Composition Competition winners will receive special prizes, including performing their pieces by the renowned concert pianist, composer, and AGMA juror Marcel Zidani. The performances will be recorded and featured on the Around the Globe Music & Arts YouTube Channel. Furthermore, the winning selection for the Piano Composition Competition will be featured on our website and added to the AGMA recommended repertoire list for the Piano Competition 2024.

  • We are excited to announce that winners of the top awards from all competitions will receive our exceptional Around the Globe Music Magazine. Our publications showcase educational and artistic values through quality articles, blogs, and printed music scores related to piano music written by professional musicians.

  • The winning entries of the Young Musicologist Competition will be prominently featured on our website and in the AGMA Newsletter, reaching a broad audience of our valued subscribers.

  • Recipients of the Young Musicologist, Piano (Contemporary Music classes), and Piano Composition awards will be presented with exclusive vouchers from top music shops in the UK, along with hard copies and digital editions of books and music scores authored by world-renowned contemporary classical composers, including Monica Cardenas, Lindsley Berwin, Vera Milanković, Melanie Spanswick, and more.

  • Furthermore, those who excel in the Junior and Adult Piano Categories of Contemporary Music Classes will be granted exceptional awards from the Composers' Association of Serbia, such as music scorebooks and CDs.

  • Winners of the Piano Jazz categories will receive Branco Stoysin's CD album, Quiet Stream Breaks the Rocks, as a special prize.

*Please note that certain prizes may incur additional postage and shipment costs. For more information on competitive rates, please email us at

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