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March Newsletter 2019

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Spring/Summer Events 2019

Networking Event Sunday 3rd March 2019, from 4.30pm – 7pm

At the Understudy, National Theatre, South Bank, London SE1 9PX

Great first-time occasion to meet the AGMA team in a relaxed atmosphere at this friendly National Theatre Bar overlooking the Thames. This a chance to learn more about AGMA’s past and future projects, to talk with other musicians and meet supporters of the exciting AGMA programme.

AGPMF Winners Piano Recital Saturday 18th May 2019 at 7 PM

St Mary Magdalene Church, Munster Square, London NW1 3PT

Splendid opportunity to hear Around the Globe Piano Music Festival winning pianists at this prestigious venue playing on the exquisite Bösendorfer Grand, sponsored by Markson Pianos.

Announcement to all AGPMF winners!

To participate in the piano recital, you need to apply no later than 28th April 2019 via email at:

* Please note that the style of your pieces should relate to your category/piano class that you won at the piano festival in 2018. In addition, your entry needs to be supported by your piano teacher/mentor unless an independent artist.

Around the Globe Concert Series:

New Sounds and Classics Friday 31st May 2019 at 7.30 PM

St John’s Church, Waterloo Waterloo Road, London SE1 8TY

The concert embraces a Ukrainian, Serbian, English and Russian classical and modern repertoire performed by award winning artists Alla Kravchuk (soprano), Marina Petrov (pianist) and Milos Milivjojevic (accordion). They will take you on a journey from Tchaikovsky and Quilter to Prokofiev’s beautiful songs, towards the lesser known works of composers such as Stepovy, Vlasov, Babić, Milanković and Schnittke. It will be an exciting opportunity to hear ensembles with unique arrangements for voice, piano and accordion, as well as rarely performed vocal works and solo instrumentals from these esteemed musicians.

More info about performers:

Alla Kravchuk (soprano)

Marina Petrov (piano)

Milos Milivjojević (accordion)

Around the Globe Music Magazine Summer 2019 Vol.2 No.1

We are getting ready for our next exciting music magazine with many interesting articles on a range of subjects, including the new works of many contemporary composers. Please note that if you wish to propose articles and blogs the DEADLINE for contributions as well as advertisements, is 31st March 2019.


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