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Around the Globe Music & Arts Newsletter February 2020


We would like to announce that our next AGPMF Winners’ Piano Recital is scheduled for Saturday 9th May 2020 at 7 PM that will take place at St Cuthbert’s Church 50 Philbeach Gardens, Earl’s Court London SW5 9EB

All winning pianists will have the great opportunity to play at this exciting new venue, an aesthetic church in the stylish part of Kensington, on the superb Yamaha Grand sponsored by Markson Pianos.

More info on Markson Pianos showrooms and services at:


To perform at the concert you need to apply not later than WEDNESDAY 22 APRIL 2020 via email at:

Your application you should state:

● Your name and the code of the category/class that you have won

● Your proposed programme. Please consider the style of your pieces which should relate to the category that you have won at the 6th AGPMF Piano Competition 2019.

● Name of your piano teacher

● Applicant’s entry fee for performing: up to 5 min – £7; up to 10 min – £11; up to 15 min – £15

● Your preferred slot for a rehearsal: 5.20 – 5.50 PM or 6.15- -6.45 PM

● Please provide a copy of the music score of any contemporary work if published outside the UK and was not performed at previous AGPMF

We hope you’ll enjoy participating in this recital and would appreciate any feedback regarding the whole AGPMF experience via our email.

Comments from teachers/parents/careers especially welcome!


TO ALL MUSIC PROFESSIONALS, WRITERS AND BLOGGERS Memo from the Editor of Around the Globe Music Magazine

The Around the Globe Music Magazine is preparing material for next issue Vol. 3 No.1 Summer 2020 and is offering an opportunity for contribution of articles and promotional material for the next publication to all profesional music writers and creators. All proposals will be evaluated and appreciated.


Around the Globe Music Magazine publishes an annual website and printed magazine. We focus on a variety of musical genres from around the world including contemporary classical piano music, jazz and beyond, devoting space to independent and emerging musicians alongside more established artists. Our magazine features articles on educational music subjects, which we strongly advocate as well as promoting music creators and their works, which might be lesser known in the UK. Furthermore, we cover interviews, book reviews, topics including festivals, concert series, cultural commentary and much more.

Around the Globe Music Magazine welcomes unsolicited articles from anyone who believe the piece is interesting for our readers. (Hint: The best way to figure out is to read our online magazine). Link:

AGMM is one of the best opportunities for writers to come up with ideas for articles that perhaps we haven’t thought of! Do you have a piano music tie-in piece to art, literature or film? Know some great new ways for artists to share their music or work? Perhaps you want to share your personal music experiences good, bad or humorous? We hope you get the idea…


By developing your voice and expressing an opinion, your story or idea will personalize the writing and highlight the uniqueness of your experiences. Inject your life into the writing as appropriate and search for a sense of place or narrative.

Use italics for titles of recordings (albums/cd’s), concerts, videos, books or other literature. Composition titles, chapters and article titles should be placed in quotations; punctuation goes inside the quotation marks. Write out in words the numbers nine and under and numbers that begin a sentence, otherwise use numerals. Use numerals for decades, except at the beginning of a sentence. Use four digits for the first reference, with no apostrophe and then two digits with an initial apostrophe (e.g., 1990s then ’90s).


Digital magazines are produced and published annually. Submissions for digital and printed issues are due on 4th May 2020.


· Suggestion for articles should be submitted well before the deadline for editorial approval.

· Applications should include proposed subject, length, applicability and writer samples.

· Submissions may be edited and published with your permission.

· Writers will not receive any monetary compensation.

· All submissions to be send to:


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