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Around the Globe Music & Arts Newsletter June 2019

Around the Globe Piano Music Festival 2019 presents:

Contemporary Composers and Their Works: Piano Advanced Level

Lindsey Berwin


Lindsey has music published by Kevin Mayhew Ltd, EVC Music and Spartan Press, and pieces from her suite All the Fun of The Fair were featured on the 2018 Around the Globe Piano Music Festival’s repertoire lists.


Listen to extracts:

Buy at Spartan Press:

Ivan Brkljačić

Ivan Brkljacic

Furthermore, he successfully completed his doctorate art project entitled ‘Istar’ – the Cycle of Nascent Music Caricatures for Performing in a Theatre Scenery (2012), mentored by Prof. Srdjan Hofman. He has been commissioned to create many pieces of work for the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, the choir Collegium Musicum, the European project MUSMA as well as BEMUS and BELEF festivals, which music have been performed at most prestigious music venues in Belgrade and around Serbia. He has also composed music for numerous theatre plays including the film music for the feature Serbian movie Redemption Street (‘Ustanička Ulica’), directed by Miroslav Terzić.

Ivan Brkljačić compositions have been performed worldwide in countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Germany, Croatia, F.Y.R. Macedonia, France, England, Romania, Hungary, Lithuania, Japan and Hong Kong. In 2010 the composition Jinx, was performed by Australian Modern Music Ensemble, conducted by Daryl Pratt, which opened The New Music Days in Sydney, Australia. He cooperated with many international ensembles such as Ostravská Banda from the Czech Republic, Blindman from Belgium, L’Ensemble Portmanto from Canada. From 1999 he was employed as a teacher with an expertise in the Music Form Analysis at the Stevan Mokranjac specialist secondary music school in Belgrade and from 2005 he has been working at the Belgrade University, Faculty of Music at the Music Theory Department. Furthermore, he acted as the artistic selector of the programme for the 16th-24th International Review of Composers from 2007 till 2015.

Presto Ivan


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