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Around the Globe Music & Arts Newsletter November 2019

We are happy to announce the final time- table of

Around the Globe Piano Music Festival 2019 – 6th Piano Competition

for 23rd -24th November 2019.

The venue: The Study Society Colet House, 151 Talgarth Road, London W14 9DA

The programme is as follows:

Saturday 23rd November

JUNIOR CATEGORIES 9.50 Introduction with a guest star Marcel Zidani (pianist/composer) 10.00 Worldwide Contemporary Music 10.40 Short Piano Recitals 11.20 Free Choice 12.00 Easing Tension in Performance – Workshop with Marina Petrov 13.00 Lunch Break 13.50 Free Choice 14.05 Grade Repertoire 14.50 Short Piano Recitals

ADULT CATEGORIES 17.20 Adult Piano Learners Classes 17.50 Adult Advanced – Worldwide Contemporary Music 18.30 End

Sunday 24th November

ADULT ADVANCED CATEGORIES 13.25 Introduction 13.30 Jazz Classes Free Choice 14.00 Traditional Style Free Choice 14.40 Short Recitals 16.00 Diploma Recital 17.00 ‘Significantus’: Composer’s Response to Climate Breakdown – Masterclass by Lola Perrin 18.00 END

We are expecting to hear performances of many talented pianists of various levels both, junior and adult Including professionals.

This year we have record number of entries for Short Piano Recital in all categories where we will listen to a range of classical styles including Beethoven’s sonatas, Mozart and Chopin as well as Debussy, Prokofiev, Rachmaninov and other works of famous composers.

We are encouraged by a number of participants performing works from our promoted contemporary composers such as Melanie Spanswick, Marcel Zidani, Vera Milanković and jazz composer Tim Richards.

This year, the celebrated Darina Piano Duo (Antonina Koleva-Lax and Alla Levit-Anderson) will perform Breeze from Bulgaria, a piece specially written for them by Bulgarian composer Nikolai Aleksiev followed by the Senyak Rhapsody by Vera Milanković and Ivan the Fool & The Humpbacked Horse by Russian composer Zhanna Metallidi. All three pieces having their UK première on Saturday 23rd November 2019.


Tau Wey

Tau Wey Prize winning pianist Teacher Head of Keyboard at Sevenoaks School

olga 1 croped

Olga Dudnik Gold medallist Award winning pianist Teacher

marina small

Marina Petrov Award winning pianist Pedagogue Author AGMA and AGPMF Managing Director

Maya St sava

Maya Jordan Prize winning pianist Teacher Promoter AGMA and AGPMF Artistic Director


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