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Aca Vujic diriguje

With great sadness we would like to announce that Serbian composer, pianist and conductor Aleksandar Vujić passed away on September 6, 2017 in Belgrade after a long and serious illness. 

He left behind a large opus that was often inspired by Serbian archaic music including folk melodies and Christian Orthodox chorals. His compositional oeuvre comprises choral, chamber, piano, string and wind music, as well as symphonic and chamber orchestra works. He will be remembered for his stunningly beautiful and spiritual choir music including Oče Naš (Serbian Prayer) as well as for exploring using archaic tunes of Serbian folk dance Kolo (Reel Dance) in various music forms written for chamber and symphonic orchestras as well as solo piano and other ensembles.

His piano works are also remarkable including The Jewish Suite, Metamorphosis, Preludes, Argentinean Tango, Waltz and opuses of Piano Pieces. In addition, his inspirational, pianistically and musically challenging Three Pieces Op.83, are included in AGPMF 2017 Syllabus in Adult Category.

Short Biography

Prof. Aleksandar S. Vujić was an award winning composer of over 100 works. The exclusive publisher of Vujić’s choral works is Synkope-Verlag in Germany and his music has been printed in US, Italy, Hungary and Serbia. Vujić held a degree in composition, which was supervised by famous Serbian composers including Stanojlo Rajicić, Petar Ozgijan and Vasilije Mokranjac. He also graduated in conducting and holds MA degree in piano, all from the Belgrade University of Arts, Faculty of Music. Throughout the four years of his study he was given the best student of his generation award. His work has been recognized worldwide, by the US government by honouring him with the Zoltan Kodaly Award (1983) and by Israel with the State Order of Israel Award (1988). Furthermore, he won first and third prize at the International Robert Schumann Choral Competition in Zwickau (1995) as well as gold medals for choral composition at Busan, South Korea (2002) and the International Choir Competition in Budapest (2009). He was the founder, leader and conductor of Sinfonietta chamber orchestra and Madrigal Choir of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. In addition, he was the principal conductor of Djakon Avakum Chamber Choir, Baruch Brothers Choir and Iuventus Cantat, as well as the president of the Union of Serbian Choirs at home and abroad.” 

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ AROUND THE GLOBE PIANO MUSIC FESTIVAL

Sunday, 19th November 2017, from 10am to late The Study Society, Colet House, 151 Talgarth Road, London W14 9DA

Entries must be received no later than Tuesday 31st October 2017 Please, come and join us for this amazing and inspirational event. For more info and how to apply refer to our new AGPMF Magazine 2017.

Full syllabus & fees include exciting new classes, modified contemporary programme as well as performances’ maximum length and latest fees.

Download Music Scores from the web page that includes all music manuscripts and links for the Worldwide Contemporary Music – Compulsory Pieces for Piano Solo and ensemble classes for Junior & Adult Categories.


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