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Newsletter January 2021

We are delighted to invite you to our FREE Zoom Event!

The event is part of the 13th cultural festival Serbian Month in Great Britain running from 27th January – 3rd March 2021.

More info about the festival at Full programme of events available here.

Thursday 4th February, 8 pm

Live Interview with Vera Milanković, acclaimed Serbian composer, pianist and pedagogue.

Interview topic – piano album Musical Map of Serbia, inspired by Serbian folk songs from different national regions.

It is followed by a PowerPoint presentation and recorded music performances. There will also be a discussion about differences in musical educational approach in Serbia and the UK.

The final part of the event will be Q&A when the Audience can interact with the composer.

Musical Map of Serbia is an album consisting of piano miniatures inspired by Serbian folk songs. These songs have been collected by Prof. Miodrag Vasiljević, the founder of Serbia’s Folklore. The harmonisation is based on songs’ imminent tonal structure evoking its archaic flavour. The songs are not only situated geographically; they also embody a wide variety of metrical structures with unique melodic beauty. Piano miniatures from the opus are featuring on the repertoire lists of Around the Globe Piano Music Festival.

About the composer

Prof. Vera Milanković (born in London, 1953) is renowned Serbian composer, pianist, pedagogue and organiser of many prestigious educational events. She has studied piano, composition and solfeggio at Belgrade University of Arts, Faculty of Music to the highest level and further enriched her knowledge by obtaining an MA in composition from Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, UK (1978). Currently, she teaches at the Faculty of Music University of Arts, Belgrade and runs the Pedagogical Forum and International Annual Symposium for music and drama teachers. Vera was awarded the Golden Link by the Cultural and Educational Community of Belgrade for her educational work. Fascinated by traditional Serbian music, she has written many authentic arrangements for piano, voice and ensembles for various instruments including percussion and piano. Her music written for several theatre plays and ballets and children’s choirs were also critically acclaimed.

To register for this event

Please email to receive a ZOOM link: We are looking forward to seeing you at our virtual event!


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