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Newsletter July 2023


Dear Followers and Supporters of Around the Globe Music & Arts, We are pleased to announce our return to running an updated and revamped AGMA piano competition, which now has a new name,


This exciting project includes an upgraded music programme and the creation of a shiny new website, which we will work on this summer.

Our festival this year will consist of online music competitions including:

· 9th Piano Competition Junior and Adult Categories

· 1st Accordion Competition – Junior and Adult Categories

· 1st Piano Composition Competition– Junior and Adult Amateur Categories

· 3rd Young Musicologist Competition – Junior Categories

The finest instrumental players, along with the winners of the contemporary piano composition of 2023, will have an opportunity to perform at our celebratory concerts in Spring/Summer 2024 as part of the AGMA Concert Series, held at one of London’s most distinguished music venues.


We aim to launch our new website in early October 2023, where you can explore our exciting new music programmes and updated regulations, view the competition entry forms and get acquainted with our respected Jury Panel. In addition, we will extend the time for applications to a minimum of 6 weeks from the set-up date, to allow more time for preparation. Therefore, our deadlines for submission of applications will be at a later date than in previous years. The results, adjudicators’ feedback and the winners’ announcement are planned to be held on the Zoom social platform 3-5 weeks after the deadline.

  1. Our annual competitions will be open to all nationalities and of any age group, for both juniors and adults. As well as traditional and classical music these competitions will offer an exclusive syllabus of various music styles for keyboard players, including contemporary music and jazz.

  2. The musical vision of this project is to fulfil everyone’s true musical potential, inspire creativity, realise their ambitions and to get recognition for their achievements. We want to encourage everyone in their artistic endeavours, inculcating and inspiring a love for music whatever the music style. Our focus is also to promote contemporary piano music from around the world and composers of diverse cultural and social backgrounds.

  3. We are eager to continue to keep the high performing standards of all AGMA music competitions, relying on its particular focus on educational and performing values, thus helping to advance the performers musicianship. In addition, we are committed to delivering proficient detailed written and spoken assessments of our high calibre adjudicators, which have garnered widespread acclaim in previous years.

  4. Exceptional achievements of individual performers or groups, composers, young music writers and outstanding music teachers will be rewarded with appropriate recognition, including awards and certificates and a chance to perform live at the celebratory winners’ concert as well as having their recorded performance materials promoted on social media platforms.


Around the Globe Music & Arts is instigating a fundraising campaign to assist with the expansion of our new music festival,the Around the Globe International Music Festival. We need to raise funds to support the administrative costs, to organise the new music programme and to upgrade our website.

Our belief is in the power of arts and cultural participation to transform lives, and music in particular, has a unique ability to capture the imagination, inspire people, and bring together like-minded people from all around the world.

You can help us make it happen with your support!

In gratitude for your assistance, you will receive our brilliant Around the Globe Music Magazines.

If you wish to make donation and make the payment safely, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email for more instructions.


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