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Newsletter May 2020 (2)

We are pleased to announce that during July 2020, AGMA will be hosting live performances online


on the popular social media platform Zoom for both, Junior and Adult amateur pianists of any level.

At a time when all of us are going through unprecedented difficulties in many aspects of our lives, we think that learning and playing musical instruments including live performances, is of extreme importance for emotional and mental wellbeing. We hope that the new experience of performing piano live online will inspire and motivate you, thus, bringing a sense of achievement and overall enjoyment. Joining this performance platform will keep you engaged with our music community, which may bring you feeling stimulated to be more creative and musically proactive at these challenging times.

We are looking forward to your response and to seeing you there!

Proposed dates and times for performances for C-19 Piano Students Recitals are as follows:

Junior Pianists (16 years and under) Thursday 2nd July 2020 at 7 PM (beginners up to Grade 3 level) Tuesday 7th July 2020 at 7 PM (intermediate up to Grade 5 level) Tuesday 14th July 2020 at 7 PM (early advanced up to grade 8 level and above)

Adult Pianists (17 years and above) Tuesday 21st July 2020 at 7 PM (any level)

To participate, you need to apply by 15th June 2020 by emailing us to As numbers of places are limited, you are encouraged to apply early.

Applications need to be made by an adult, teacher, parent or guardian. You should state: – The name and age of the applicant – The title of the piece(s) and name of the composer(s) – Length of performance in minutes – Name of applicant’s piano teacher – Preferred date for performance * Please note that advanced level pianists cannot perform longer than 15 minutes.


DEADLINE for submission of articles and musical promotional material for the forthcoming Around the Globe Music Magazine, Summer 2020 Vol. 3 is on Sunday 31st May 2020. Please send your proposals by email to Marina Petrov:

Melanie Spanswick Simply Driven & Play it again: PIANO Book 3

In this newsletter, we want to introduce you to new works of a British composer and pianist Melanie Spanswick, who is a close associate of Around the Globe Music & Arts. She is a teacher, adjudicator and writer, who has authored best-selling books on many aspects of piano playing. Her music is increasingly performed and recorded worldwide, and she is one of the few female composers to be published in the renowned Edition Schott Composer Series. We hope you will enjoy Melanie’s newly published pieces from Simply Driven written for advanced-level pianists, whose authentic music is loved by many including professional musicians, piano students and the wider audience. We endorse hers Play it again: PIANO Book 3, whose methods can help piano students in achieving more advanced levels and enjoying to exploring a new repertoire.

Read more about Melanie and her many blogs and articles at

Simply Driven, published in March 2020, appears in the renowned Edition Schott Composer Series, and is a collection of five pieces intended for advanced to virtuoso level pianists: Frenzy, Aisa: Sand, Silk and Love, Enigma, Chasm and Time. Each piece proffers a completely different character, whilst still reflecting minimalist influences. Composed over a period of a year, four of the five pieces were written for friends who are all wonderful pianists; Aisa Ijiri, Yuki Negishi, Maiko Mori and Madalina Rusu, and each pianist has recorded their respective piece. You might well ask why I chose this title for the volume; it was inspired by comments from several friends, who said my music often felt ‘driven’, or forward moving. These pieces will hopefully appeal to pianists searching for modern music with a distinctly tonal quality but with a slightly Contemporary twist. Frenzy and Aisa are approximately Grade 8 level, whereas Enigma, Chasm, and Time, would be more suited to those preparing for diplomas and beyond…

Aisa: Sand, Silk and Love was written in August 2018 especially for Japanese pianist Aisa Ijiri. The meaning of the title, Sand, Silk and Love, necessitates a slow tempo with a feel for the sentiment behind these words. Aisa is in the style of a power ballad; melodic, expressive and slightly sentimental…” Enigma composed in February 2019 especially for Japanese pianist Yuki Negishi, this miniature programmatic work inhabits an atmospheric, dreamy sound world… Chasm was written in September 2019 for Japanese pianist Maiko Mori. This work is a piano étude, or piano study, intended to hone or develop a pianist’s technical skills… Time is a theme and set of variations. Composed between January and August 2019, for Romanian pianist Madalina Rusu, the structure of this work remains faithful to the traditional concept of a theme and variations… Frenzy was written in December 2017. It’s the first piece in this volume, and is an étude, or piano study, written with the intention to hone and perfect articulation and note clarity, and it is featured in Play it again: PIANO Book 3 (Schott).”

Purchase the Simply Driven score as a download or hardcopy by clicking here Or on Amazon, here

Play it again: PIANO is a progressive, graded piano course, published by Schott Music, intended for those who are returning to piano playing after a break. However, this course has also proved popular with students wanting to explore different repertoire between exam grades, too. The course moves happily alongside the UK examination board system. Book 1 takes students from Grade 1 – 4 and Book 2, from approximately Grade 5 – 8 level. Book 1 features 28 mostly original pieces taken from standard (as well as more unusual) repertoire, and Book 2 contains 21 pieces. Each ‘level’ consists of a group of pieces focusing on different aspects of technique and musicianship… Book 3 consists of 11 piano pieces, the majority of which are drawn from the standard repertoire (with emphasis on pedagogical works and those suitable for exams). Similar to Book 1 and 2, there is a ‘technique’ section at the beginning of Book 3, with practical exercises and suggestions; these are especially helpful for those with tension issues. As Book 3 is a much more advanced level than that of Book 1 and 2, the repertoire is classical and the book is geared towards those who want, or are possibly considering, taking post Grade 8 exams. It’s possible to create a suitable post grade 8 diploma (ARSM/DipLCM) or Associate Diploma (DipABRSM, ATCL, ALCM) programme entirely from this book…

You can purchase Book 3, watch Melanie’s teaching videos, and find out more about the Play it again: PIANO series, by clicking here Amazon UK Book 1 Book 2 Book 3


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