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Syllabus Updates for Adult Advanced Pianists for AGPMF 2018

We would like to announce changes of Around the Globe Piano Music Festival syllabus for Adult (Advanced level) Categories and for Contemporary Piano Music Classes – Set Pieces.

Set Pieces for Piano Solo (AD01) Choice of any combination of pieces: -Solitude Self-Reflections for Piano by Branka Popović -Through the Looking Glass, Piano Suite Op. 8 (8 Piano pieces) by Vladimir Titov -After Hussein Chalayan, Piano Suite VII (5 piano pieces) by Lola Perrin -Three Piano Pieces Op. 83 by Aleksandar Vujić

We are excited to introduce you to new composers in our programme for you to explore and enjoy a variety of different music styles.


Prof. Branka Popović (1977, Belgrade) is a Serbian composer. She obtained her Master of Music Degree in Composition at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London and finished her doctorate studies in composition at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade.

Her pieces have been performed by many prominent music artists and presented at many prominent festivals devoted to contemporary classical music including the premier of her first chamber opera Petersburg in June 2012. In 2016/17, she was one of fifteen participants selected to take part in the CEEC Composers Fieldtrip to China. Her piece Stardust for viola and string orchestra was awarded 2nd prize at the London Music Society 2017 International Composer’s Competition.

Branka Popović is an assistant professor of composition at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. Between 2010 and 2015 she was an associate of Radio Belgrade 3 and from 2015 she has been artistic director of International Review of Composers.

For a FREE copy of Solitude Self-Reflections for Piano contact the organiser via email:


Vladimir Titov began music education in his home town of Novokuibyshevsk in the Samara region of Russia, where he was born in 1984. In 2003 Titov graduated from Samara Music College with a major in piano performance. His compositions including solo piano, vocal and chamber music arrangements have been performed at competitions and festivals on a worldwide platform by young musicians as well as professional performers.

Since moving to Moscow in 2010, Titov continued his successful career as a pianist and composer including his work as a teacher and accompanist at the Gnessin State Music College and other educational establishments.

In addition to academic and jazz music concert performances, he won numerous competition and festival prizes including the IV regional Youth Jazz Festival ‘Playing Jazz with Garanyan’ (2011), Moscow State Festival ‘The Best City on the Earth’ (2014), Moscow Open Festival-Competition ‘Tutti-Jazz’ (2015), International Competition ‘The World of Creativity’ (2015) and IX International Competition ‘The Composer’ within the creative project “ADMIRALTY STAR” (2017).


Titov’s music recordings are widely available on YouTube including Through the Looking Glass Op.8

For printed edition of Titov’s piano scores go to:

You can order via email:


Lola Perrin

“After writing the music for the live performance, I had one final process to go through. I extracted four narrative passages, in the style of radio news reports from the 190 tales.

The narrations were read aloud in between the piano pieces by the correspondent, Mihir Bose – whose voice I have admired from afar for many years. And so “Suite VII: Collection” was performed in the style of a live radio show.


The narrations are at the back of this book. The complete tales, with John Kennedy’s The Sea of Names, are held in the Design Museum library.”

Page 1: London is a rhythm Page 4: First memory Page 6: The Sea of Names Page 8: Across one hundred years Page 9: The four narrations

First Edition, 2009 Printed by Lola Perrin, UK Cover illustration by John Kennedy

Piano Suite VII: Collection

Buy book online from Spartan Press (downloads also available):


Prof. Aleksandar S. Vujić (1945- 2017), is a prominent Serbian composer who composed over 100 works. His compositional oeuvre comprises choral, chamber, symphonic works and instrumental music for piano, violin, cello as well as various ensembles.

His work has been recognized worldwide, by the US government by honouring him with the Zoltan Kodaly Award (1983) and by Israel with the State Order of Israel Award (1988). Furthermore, he won first and third prize at the International Robert Schumann Choral Competition in Zwickau (1995) as well as gold medals for choral composition at Busan, South Korea (2002) and the International Choir Competition in Budapest (2009). He was the founder, leader and conductor of Sinfonietta chamber orchestra and the Madrigal Choir of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. In addition, he was chief conductor of Djakon Avakum Chamber Choir, Baruch Brothers Choir and Iuventuscantat. He was also a lecturer at the Belgrade University of Arts, Faculty of Music, and president of the Union of Serbian Choirs at Home and Abroad.

Three Piano Pieces Op. 83


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