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Syllabus updates for Adult Piano Learners

We are pleased to announce that we have established a new category Adult Piano Learners for amateur pianist of different levels including

Intermediate (codes AL01 & AL02), Late Intermediate (codes AL03 & AL04) and Early Advanced (codes AL05 & AL06).

There are FREE CHOICE and SET PIECES classes to choose from. For more updates and full syllabus click here.

Set Pieces for Adult Piano Learners

INTERMEDIATE Set Pieces (code AL02) Any choice from: *Karma, from Play It Again, Piano Book I, by Melanie Spanswick *A Glimmer of Sunshine, (‘Зрачак Вири’), No 1, from Hausmuzik, by Vera Milanković LATE INTERMEDIATE Set Pieces (code AL04) Any choice from: *Seahorse Dream, from Play It Again, Piano Book 2, by Melanie Spanswick *Serbian Love Song, (‘Болујем ja, болујеш ти’), No 7, from Hausmuzik, by Vera Milanković EARLY ADVANCED Set Pieces (code AL06) Any choice from: *Come back.., Op. 3, No 1 by Vladimir Titov *The Pirate Ship, from All the Fun of the Fair, by Lindsey Berwin

Introduction to contemporary composers and their piano music

26 Photo Melanie (3)

Melanie Spanswick

Melanie Spanswick is a pianist, author, teacher, and composer. She graduated from the Royal College of Music with a Master’s degree in Performance Studies. As a composer, Melanie Spanswick has written many educational works for the piano. Her music focuses on various sound worlds and repetitive structures which are often associated with Minimalism. Melanie recently selected the repertoire for the Faber Music Piano Anthology (Faber Music) and her piano guidebook, So You Want to Play the Piano? (Alfred Music) has received much acclaim. Play it again: PIANO (Schott Music), a two-book piano course, was published during 2017. She is a regular contributor to Pianist magazine and Piano Professional (EPTA), and her piano compositions (EVC Music Publications Ltd.) have been featured on various syllabuses and in publications worldwide.

You can hear all Melanie’s compositions on her YouTube Channel:

28. Melanie books for '18

To watch Melanie’s video tutorials, and buy your copy, click here or Via Amazon: Book 1: click here Book 2: click here ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Vera Milanković

Hausmuzik is a German term for concerts held in middle class salons in XIX century central Europe and likewise, in Serbia. Part of the usual repertoire were popular folk songs with piano accompaniment, but also arranged for piano solo, duos and trios………….

A Glimmer of Sunshine, (‘Зрачак Вири’), No1, is a song celebrating the downing of a new day; the first glimpse of sunshine and the first bird songs. In short, it is homage to this beautiful vision. Serbian Love Song, (‘Болујем ja, болујеш ти’), No7, is a sad and romantic song about heartache, overwhelming love that sometimes can be so strong, that abandonment seems to be the only remedy.

You can download these piano scores for FREE from our website: ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Lindsey Berwin

Extracts from the article My Journey as a Composer by Lindsey Berwin

My journey as a composer began some thirty years ago, primarily in response to my pupils’ pedagogical needs and their requests for specific repertoire. Little could I have known then that I was embarking on a voyage which would blossom into a passion, providing me with a wonderful means of self-expression as a musician, and of self-discovery as a person……

The Pirate Ship A bold introduction of chords built on 4ths sets the scene for this feisty musical picture. The swaggering character of pirates is then imitated by the use of tritone chords, chromatically rising and falling 3rds and descending broken octaves. A passage with a sturdy left-hand ostinato evokes the swinging movement of the ride, and after a return to the previous material, contrary motion octaves bring the music to a spirited end on a sfz Dm#7 chord.

LB Suite

You can purchase All the Fun of the Fair piano suite online here To listen to the music go to _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Extracts from the article Vladimir Titov Composer and Pianist Prof. Alla Vinogradova-Cherniayeva

“The world of music is beautiful and inexhaustible… The journey there is endless and magical!” – is being the artistic credo of composer Vladimir Titov. The expressive language and musical style of Vladimir Titov is a unique combination of romantic imagery, sophisticated and colourful sound palette of impressionism and spicy impulsive vibrations of jazz…….

The first encounter with Titov’s compositions suggests that the composer’s work is rooted in the emotional and imagery nature of the musical language, exposing various, often contrasting, conflicting or complimentary modes in his music………..

The miniature Come Back… from op.3, like a movie screen shot of a lonely and gloomy mode, is succeeded by a sketch Game of Sparkling Rain op.3, bursting with joy, delight and happiness.



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