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Syllabus updates for Jazz Style Categories

We are happy to be expanding the number of piano classes within the jazz style categories as well as to introducing you to John Kember’s music and his jazz piano books both, for Junior and Adult pianists.

In addition to Jazz Piano Classes we have added the following: SET PIECE (codes JJ03 & JJ04), DUET SET PIECE (code JJ05) in Junior and SET PIECE (code AJ02) in Adult Advanced categories.

For more updates and full syllabus as well as to listen to set pieces visit our website: Junior Category – Jazz Piano Classes

Set Piece

For 12 years and under, Code JJ03 Happy Feet, No 1, from Solo Collection, J. Kember

For 16 years and under, Code JJ04 Romance, No 19, from Jazz Piano Studies 1, J. Kember

23. John book photo 2 jazz study

Duet Set Piece (for 4 hands)

For 16 years and under, Code JJ05 Ragetty Waltz, No 3, from On the Lighter Side – 9 pieces for piano duet, J. Kember

Adult (Advanced) Category – Jazz Piano Classes

Set Piece

Code AJ02 Summertime from The Jazz Piano Player – Autumn Leaves, J. Kember

24. John book photo Autumn leaves

These books should be available from good music shops or the two publishers (Schott and Faber Music). They are also available via ______________________________________________________________________________

21. John Kember

John Kember

Born in London, John studied at Trinity College of Music, London, firstly as a Junior Scholar then as a full-time student. Since then has enjoyed a full and varied career in both performing and academic spheres with activities ranging from teaching, composing and arranging to working as a pianist and conductor in concert halls, theatres and recording studios across the UK.

He currently has over 90 publications available with Faber Music and Schott Music in London, including many for the jazz pianist including his Jazz Studies and On the Lighter Side series, and more recently 2 new series for Faber Music – The Jazz Piano Player and the Pop Piano Player. Additional projects are published by Music Sales Ltd. For Schotts he has completed a 31-book series of Sight Reading books for all the orchestral instruments plus recorder and guitar with the last in the series published in 2015 alongside a collection of Christmas Duets for piano. He has collaborated with many distinguished musicians in both performance and publications including Jiggs Whigham the internationally acclaimed trombonist, and the baritones Alan Opie, Ben Luxom. Last year presented a series of songs at Trinity College, Cambridge with Alexander Armstrong, to an audience of alumni.

For many years he tutored students at the Kent Music Academy where his responsibilities are mainly for composition, jazz and conducting – representing his primary musical interests. He examined for the Associated Board from 1989 until 2005 and has recently adjudicated composition competitions including the current EPTA competition.


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