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We would like to invite you to a launch of our new company Around the Globe Music & Arts It will take place at the fundraising concert Contemporary Music & the Piano on Thursday, 1st February 2018 at 7.30 PM St Cyprian’s Church Glentworth Street, London NW1 6AX (Nearest station Baker St)

We will hear live performances of contemporary composers and piano music that our company is promoting through Around the Globe Piano Music Festival and beyond.

These include Lola Perrin, Vera Milanković and  Aleksander’s Vujić composition will be played by renowned pianist, Olga Dudnik. Guest performer: actress Vesna Stanojević. 

For info on booking tickets and the programme scroll down at the bottom of the page.

This event is a part of the 10th anniversary of Serbian Month in Great Britain. Full programe available

Lola Perrin

Vera Milanković

Aleksandar Vujić

Olga Dudnik


Around the Globe Music & Arts

Non-profitable company registered in England and Wales No 11108427.

Over the years, Around the Globe Piano Music Festival has evolved outside the sphere of only piano competition. In order to continue fulfilling our aspirations in running various projects we found a need to create Around the Globe Music & Arts. It is established as non profitable company as is to advance the development of contemporary music as well as other form of arts in the UK and beyond. This will be achieved through informal and formal performing and educational activities such as cultural and educational events open to musicians of all ages and levels including children, amateurs and adult professionals. These will include organising festivals, concerts, masterclasses, workshops, seminars, exhibitions and lectures.

The Company will stage and run annual piano music competitions, aiming to promote various music styles including classical, jazz and contemporary piano music from around the world. The Company is committed to assist emerging talented musicians in advancing their music education that consequently will improve their career prospects and general well-being through enhanced employability. These include the engagement of pianists and contemporary composers from different cultural and economic backgrounds as well as socially disadvantaged musicians and other artists. The Company is eager to promote multicultural diversity through music arts to a wider audience, believing that its activities contribute towards a better cultural understanding, social cohesion and sustainable personal and societal development. The Company’s aim is to raise awareness and introduce different musical heritages including worldwide contemporary piano music, which is largely influenced by diverse musical ethnic inheritance as well as other social forms around the world. Due to its unique focus on music education, performing values and high performing standards, the company will provide feedback from highly praised adjudicators’ with written and spoken assessment regarding each performance.

Other important activities would be focused on the endorsement of talented musicians and other artists, exceptional achievements of an individual or groups with appropriate recognition including awards, prizes and certificates. It will also organise other cultural events including concerts for prize winners as well as individuals with an exceptional talent, thus helping them to advance and establish better prospects for their music career. The Company strongly support social inclusion and equal rights in the society and will act upon these moral and ethical values.

The Company is run by our team including Marina Petrov, Maya Jordan, Vesna Petkovic and Gavin Burt. 



Concert Programme:

Lola Perrin                          Piano Suite VI, Theory of K, (Lola Perrin, 2008)  

Vera Milanković                    Piano music by Vera Milanković composed on Shakespeare’s Sonnets Norwegian Letters by Serbian poet Isidora Sekulić Performance by actress Vesna Stanojević

Olga Dudnik                          Jewish Piano Suite, (Aleksandar Vujić, 2002) RECEPTION  8.30 – 9.30 pm Tickets £20, concession £17. Children under 12 – FREE! Bookings available via or buy tickets at the door. Donations and sponsorship appreciated. Payment could be made to the account: Around the Globe Piano Music Festival, NatWest Bank, account number 65798554, sort code 51-50-01, ref. Guest name (IBAN GB47 NWBK 5150 0165 7985 54) or cheques could be sent to: 11 Fermor Way, Crowborough, East Sussex TN6 3BD.


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