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Our 1st Piano Composition Competition 2023 For Junior and Adult

We are delighted to announce our inaugural Piano Composition Competition for composers of all ages worldwide, including separate categories for juniors and adults. This is an opportunity to showcase their skills and talent in this exciting musical field to a wider audience and to our acclaimed Composition judges.

Why Join the competition?

Our exciting prizes for the winning pieces include: Performance of your piece recorded by the esteemed concert pianist, composer and AGMA juror Marcel Zidani for the Around the Globe Music & Arts YouTube Channel!


The top-winning piano works are to be promoted via our website and included in the AGMA recommended repertoire list of Contemporary Classical & Jazz compositions for the Piano Competition 2024!    

The purpose of the competition is to encourage interest in piano composition,

to stimulate creativity, self-expression and the creation of work written for piano,

an instrument which Around the Globe Music & Arts

has intensely promoted since the formation of its piano festivals.

What you should know

  • Entrants must submit a SOLO PIANO composition, ensuring the length does not exceed the maximum number of minutes, depending on the Age Category that you are applying for.

  • The pieces can be in any genre of Contemporary Classical music styles including jazz, and written for any technical level.

  • When entering, you should add the appropriate competition’s Programme and Age category codes.


  • The full score in PDF format and a recording of the pieces in either mp3 (audio) or mp4 (video) file should be submitted upon your entry via WeTransfer.

  • There are no other restrictions, but you will be ineligible if you derive any income from composing any music.    

  • You can make multiple entries for different piano works.

  • Compositions for prepared piano are NOT permitted and will be disqualified.

  • Participants should submit a self-written/typed and signed letter of declaration that they are the original author of the entered composition (add title) and that they discharge the Around the Globe Music & Arts from any possible consequence deriving from improper use of non-original material/material owned by others.

Programme Category




Solo Piano Competition

Age Categories & Recorded Duration




Junior (12 Years and under) /up to 2 min


Young Talent (Age 13-15)/up to 3 min


Young Star (16-18)/up to 4 min


Adult (19 +no age limit) /up to 5 min

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