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Newsletter August 2021

We are happy to inform you that our new


MUSIC MAGAZINE  Vol.4 Summer 2021

has been published (printed version)


In this issue, under the new section of Contemporary Women Composers Worldwide, you can enjoy reading about female composers and their works, beginning with Monica Cardenas and the late Isidora Žebeljan. We are also proud to include an extract from the virtual interview About the Musical Map of Serbia  by Vera Milankovi,an AGMA event led by Maya Jordan and recorded in January 2021.

There are many inspiring articles written by composers themselves; under the Jazz Piano section Christopher Norton discusses Connections and How the Pandemic has affected (at least) one composer,  while Tim Richards introduces his popular piano book Beginning Jazz Piano. We are thrilled that for the first time since producing the Around the Globe Music Magazine we are able to publish a music score, the Straight Eight by Tim Richards, with the permission of the author and Schott music. There is also an introduction to some exciting piano courses, including Away from the Grade with its appealing original music byMarcel Zidani for early levels and a Transform Your Practisevideo tutorial aimed at adult pianists of any level, created by GéNIA.

Under the Modern Styles sectionwe introduce you to the solo piano album Me and My Love on The Road to Honduras by the talented Andy Pavlov, as well as the inspiring music of the piano opus About Love and the Sea by Vladimir and Svetlana Titov, written in the new Inspirism style.

There are many educative, innovative and informative articles such as Musician’s Health, the Piano Yoga piano practice, and details of music festivals, including the newly-established Compose Yourself! an online Piano Composition Festival, organized by notable composers and educators Lindsey Berwin and Alison Mathews. We hope that in this, our fourth volume, you will find interesting articles which will motivate you to explore diverse music styles from around the world, to investigate different piano methods and so much more!

You can order copies  by contacting AGMA by emails

The price for the Around the Globe Music Magazine Vol. 4 Summer 2021 is £6.50 (+ postage and packing.)



for only £15.50 (+postage and packing).

*Please note that from the end of September 2021 all 4 volumes will be available on sale via Amazon and at Schott Music shop, 48 Great Marlborough St, London W1F 7BB.

Extracts from the articles from the Around the Globe Music Magazine Vol. 4, Summer 2021

The Piano-Yoga® Holistic Approach to the Piano Practice: 7 Simple Steps


“In Piano-Yoga® we believe that creating an optimal environment which promotes the student’s sense of well-being is the best approach to learning the piano. When we feel relaxed, think positively, and our concentration is at its peak, we can learn more quickly and efficiently. In this state, learning can even feel like having fun, where studying and mastering something new become an effortless and pleasurable experience.

It is true that some of the best educational systems (like the Russian school, for example) are based on a strict, disciplined approach to learning, where competition is the upmost motivation for success and the strongest students are stretched to the maximum. Such systems have produced amazing results, but the emotionally weakest often give up, unable to progress and develop.

Whilst Piano-Yoga® aims to help students to perfect their technique, this is only a tool. Our foremost motivation is to make the piano playing process as enjoyable and pleasurable as possible within the wider framework of the student’s lifestyle. In order to do this, I not only instruct students specifically in the Piano-Yoga® technique, but I also show them how to efficiently schedule their practice sessions and how to take care of their health and body in order to get the most out of their practice and cultivate a positive mindset.

I like to address this issue by using ideas taken from ancient Indian Ayurvedic philosophy. This philosophy is the traditional Hindu system of medicine and is based on the idea of bringing balance to the body using diet, herbal treatments, yogic postures, and breathing…”


Described by The Times as ‘an outstanding musician’, GéNIA has performed concerts in the UK, Europe and the USA. As an educator she has more than 20 years of teaching with masterclasses and lectures which include Trinity College of Music, Dartington and COMA Summer Schools, De Montfort University (Leicester), Lewis University (Peoria, USA), Californian Association of Piano Teachers (CAPMT) in Los-Angeles and EPTA (European Piano Teachers Association) International Conferences. GéNIA is regularly invited to become involved in numerous educational projects; she is currently on the Board of Directors of “Mysuka”, a Californian Children’s Choir, USA. Her numerous releases are available on digital platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon and many others… 



Created by GéNIA for intermediate to advanced pianists to maximise their home practice.


“One of the most commonly asked questions amongst musicians is: ‘What can I do to practice more efficiently?’ We often struggle to fulfil our potential, and believe we cannot do something, not because we unable to do it, but because we do not know how. GéNIA’s video tutorial is an 11 Stage Guide for intermediate to advanced pianists designed to teach you how to structure your home practice in the most efficient way possible.

It includes practical piano and musical advice, physical (yogic) exercises, a guide to the musical learning process, meditations and breathing exercises.  Each stage lasts between 15 – 30 minutes, so you can start implementing the strategies straight away.  You will get access to the online video tutorial for a period of one year, which you can watch in any place and at any time.

The course is based on GéNIA’s personal experience as a concert pianist, educator and yoga teacher. The number of aspects of the course are centred around NLP (neuro-linguistic) training and are also based on GéNIA’s personal experience.  If you follow the stages of this course carefully, in 6 months you will be able to practice much more productively and efficiently. As a result, you can learn repertoire much faster, and the process of practising will become more enjoyable…”


Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click on to be taken to the tutorial posted on Vimeo.

Step 2: Press the ‘Rent’ button in order to access the course.

Step 3: Enter your details, and if you are not a member of Vimeo, it will ask you to join in order to view the material. You will need to verify your email address.

Step 4: Enter your payment details.

Step 5: Once you receive conformation from Vimeo, you will be granted access to the tutorial, which you can watch on Vimeo. The app is available on all mobile devices (as well as on computers) and you can watch this tutorial on your phone or iPad off-line at any time.

Step 6: GéNIA recommends that you listen to the tutorial in its entirety and then go back and listen to each stage 3-4 times, pausing to complete the accompanying exercises.


Receive individual feedback from GéNIA!

Stage One: play up to ten minutes of music and receive fifteen minutes of feedback *for free* before starting on the course

Stage Two: play up to fifteen minutes of music and receive twenty minutes of feedback for £50.00, to be recorded after completing Stage Six

Stage Three: play up to twenty minutes of music and receive thirty minutes of feedback for £80.00, to be recorded after completing the entire video course

The response will come within 21 days.


For further info go to



Me and My Love on The Road to Honduras

“Andy Pavlov’s first solo album, Me and My Love on the Road to Honduras – The Minutes After Infinity for Piano Soloreleased by Universal Music Serbia, was inspired by the depth and mystery of a period in his life when everything he thought he knew evaporated; and when a great love, a home, and an understanding of the self, emerged from the fog. With its unexpected layers, homages to Zbigniew Preisner, Franz Liszt, Erik Satie and strongly influenced by Slavic musical heritage, Andy Pavlov masterfully creates an indigenous world in which love, energy and purpose, as well as music, are as important as breathing.

At the age of 37 he experienced an emotional crisis; everything he had believed in up until that point ceased to exist. And then, unexpectedly, one woman and one piano appeared…”

The album is available now worldwide in digital form and on vinyl:


Andy Pavlov is a South Slavic pianist and composer born in Belgrade, whose music traverses styles and borders, reflecting his deep-rooted identity of ‘statelessness’. A fascination for the piano as an object that holds an infinite variety of sounds and styles led him from formal training in classical music to an exploration of contemporary music and conceptual art. Taking inspiration from musicians such as John Cage, Thelonious Monk, Gurdjieff/De Hartmann, Ruben Gonzales and Simeon ten Holt, he has developed a style uniquely his own, merging the sensitivity of classical music with minimalism, always following the bold desire to experiment; creating music for the heart and soul.

Behind the Andy Pavlov project stands Andrija Pavlovi, an international performer who has released 7 albums with the award-winning piano duo, LP Duo (, formed in 2004 with pianist Sonja Lonar.

With the collaboration ‘LP Duo’, he has won more than 30 international prizes, including ‘the best duo on the Globe’ Miami Dranoff Two Piano Competition 2008. Furthermore, they have performed at renowned venues, including Carnegie Hall New York, Kennedy Center Washington, Royal Danish Theater Copenhagen, NUS University Singapore, Meguro Persimmon Hall Tokyo and the Music in PyeongChang festival in South Korea.

He is also well known for retro-futuristic music projects Ola Horhe and LP Elektro, and is an Associate Professor at the Department of Scenic Design, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad, Serbia.


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