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Newsletter June 2021

We are looking forward to hosting the SUMMER WINNERS’ PIANO RECITAL  Online via Zoom  featuring the winners of Around the Globe Piano Competitions of 2019 and 2020 with pianists from all categories

Sunday 27th June 2021 Time: 11.00 – 13.00 BST    Break:  12.15 – 12.30 BST Where:  Zoom

There will be numerous performances of our amazingly talented Junior and Adult pianists at various levels. The repertoire will include many pieces in traditional styles as well as contemporary music by composers Melanie Spanswick, Graham Lynch and the Final Fantasy 12 Piano Collections album by Hitoshi Sakamoto, arr. by Casey Ormond.

Join us and enjoy this brilliant event!

Extracts from articles in the forthcoming  Around the Globe Music Magazine Vol. 4, Summer 2021

Modern piano styles

About Love and the Sea

Svetlana & Vladimir Titov

“Presentation of the piano work About You by Svetlana Titova and the piano cycle By the Sea by Vladimir Titov. With the appearance of these piano pieces, the door to the world of our music called ‘Inspirism’ has opened. About You is the piece that represents the colours of early spring, when you notice changes in subtle hints of nature . . . The sea is always different and unexpectedly magnificent! You never know in what guise you will see it next time. The sea always surprises!

By the Sea Op.10 piano cycle includes two pieces: the Poem You & I, No. 1, and Etude In the Waves, No. 2.

You and I, are two halves of happiness, two souls with one dream, a magical land where joint contemplation of beauty multiplies beauty. You and I are infinite bliss . . .

About In the Waves:

Waves are born far beyond the horizon, from where a daring and reckless wind rushes over the endless sea expanses, revelling in their freedom! The waves shine quiveringly, swirling, foaming with pearl bubbles …”


By The Sea Op.10:

Poem ‘You & I’, Op.10 No.1:

Etude ‘In the Waves’, Op. 10 No. 2:

Links to purchase scores:

Svetlana Titova –About You

Vladimir Titov –Poem You & I, Op.10 No.1

About the creators

Award-winning Russian piano composers Vladimir Titov & Svetlana Titova are the founders of the new style of the 21st century music called Inspirism.

For more info about the Titov’s and their works read Around the Globe Music Magazine Vol. 1-3, which FREE digital copies are available at For printed copies (£5 each) contact the organisers at

Jazz Piano

Tim Richards

An Introduction to Swing, Blues, Latin & Funk

Part 1: Everything You Need to Get Started Schott Music ED 23374

“Since my two-volume method ‘Exploring Jazz Piano’ was published by Schott Music in 2005 I’ve been asked countless times whether it would be possible to produce something with a gentler learning curve, catering for the complete newcomer to jazz.

At last, this is that book!

If you have a basic piano technique this will help you make the transition from reading sheet music to improvising creatively, and above all using your ears. It’s also a book you can use with a friend or teacher, who can accompany you by playing the written BASS LINES (given on a third stave), thereby making sure you keep good time and stay ‘in the groove’…

Beginning Jazz Piano draws on my long experience of teaching jazz, both privately and in classes, and I’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to get involved. In the first chapter you are coaxed into improvising over ONE chord only; the LISTENING section gives a list of tracks where you can hear this on recordings. Such a basic harmonic backdrop allows you to focus on other crucial elements such as melody, rhythm, phrasing, coordination and fingering. Every piece has a backing track to play along with if a friend or teacher is not around to play the given bass line.

The other innovative feature of Beginning Jazz Piano is the REPLAY files that are provided for each piece. Developed and hosted by, these scrolling music files are accessed online and allow you to slow down or loop sections of the pieces for practice purposes. I am sure this interactive component of the book will be popular, bearing in mind the increasing number of people who have turned to online learning during recent Lockdowns . . .”

About Tim Richards

Tim Richardsis a leading British jazz and blues pianist, educator and renowned contemporary author for jazz piano.

His fascinating piano pieces have featured in the programme listing of Around the Globe Piano Music Festival, in various Jazz Piano categories, since 2019.

For more info about the composer and his books read Around the Globe Music Magazine Vol. 2-3. FREE digital copies are available at . For printed copies (£5 each) contact the organisers at



Listen to Tim’s PODCASTS on famous jazz pianists at MORLEY RADIO:


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