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Around The Globe Music Magazine Vol. 4 Summer 2021

Around The Globe Music Magazine Vol. 4 Summer 2021


You can read about Monica Cardenas, the late Isidora Zebeljan and many other female composers and artists in our new section, Contemporary Women Composers Worldwide.


Within the Jazz Section both Tim Richards and Christopher Norton discuss their work and methodology, as all our articles and essays are written by composers/musicians.


We also present our first music score, the exciting Straight Eight by Tim Richards. The Modern Styles section explores the inspiration behind new albums from Andy Pavlov and from Vladimir and Svetlana Titov.


Other interesting features include a look at piano courses - ranging from those suitable for early levels (original music by Marcel Zidani) and for the adult pianists, a video tutorial by GéNIA. All of this, plus Musician's Health, the Piano Yoga practice, details of various music events and competitions such as the online Compose Yourself! and so much more!


We hope that you will find in this fourth volume many educative, innovative and informative articles which will motivate you to explore diverse musical styles from around the world.

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